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The International Cinema Technology Association is a global network of professionals in the motion picture industry. Members of the ICTA are those companies that manufacture, service and create the equipment that goes into movie theatres. Our members are on the cutting edge of new technologies and have been the driving force in digital, 3D, immersive sound systems, high frame rates and lasers. The ICTA promotes technological advancements in the motion picture industry through educational seminars and programs. The ICTA logo stands for excellence and professionalism and when on a member’s letterhead signifies that the company is reliable, competent and committed.


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Update on the ICTA Seminar Series – Munich

The ICTA’s European branch concluded yet another highly successful seminar on 15/16 January, in the wake of Munich Film Week. More than 150 professionals from the motion picture and cinema technology industries attended the event, with around 50 percent representing cinema operators. The program included a mix of panel debates, expert presentations and product updates by ICTA members, and explored issues such as The Future of Event Cinema and Customer Expectations and the Movie-Going Experience.

The “Talk Show” Session with back from left to right:
Michael Beckmann, Twentieth Century Fox, Gregory Theile, Kinopolis Group, Oliver Pasch, Sony Digital Cinema, Patrick von Sychowski, Celluloid Junkie, Patrick Schappert, Grobi.TV. In front is Veronika Flaxl, Lichtspielberg Kino.

ICTA Cake of Honour presented to former International Vice President, Thomas Rüttgers by new European Representative, Jan Runge.

Final Night Award Banquet

QSC won the 2016 Teddy Award for the third time in as many years. Accepting on behalf of QSC, 2nd from left is Beth Figge (second from left), Danny Pickett (second from right) and Mark Mayfield (far right). Also pictured is ICTA President Mike Archer (far left) and last year’s Rodney award recipients Doug Sabin and Patty Boucher (center) of American Cinema Equipment


Accepting this year’s Ioan Allen Award is Board Member Kevin Eagle of Cinematronix (second from right) who was honored for his service as Chairperson for the Annual Convention in Vancouver. Also pictured from left is Honorary Director Ioan Allen, President Mike Archer and Vice President Alan Roe.


Kobe Bone (center) accepts the Rodney award for Tri-State Theatre Supply. Also shown (from left) is President Mike Archer and Mark Mayfield (QSC). Beth Figge and Danny Pickett of QSC are also shown on right.