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Two dimensional. In animation, refers to the images sitting flat on the screen.


A combination of two and three-dimensional images in an animation.


Three dimensional. When images are created using the Z axis as well as X and Y – giving the illusion of depth.

360: 360-degree video

Video that can be viewed from all angles rather than a fixed 16:9 frame. Great for the travel sector. Can be viewed with or without a VR headset.


Ultra high-definition resolution that includes 4,000 horizontal pixels and 2,000 vertical pixels. We like to shoot 4K whenever possible.


Ultra high-definition resolution that includes 8,000 horizontal pixels and 4,000 vertical pixels.

Adobe CC

A software package for creating media.

Aerial filming

Filming from the sky using drones or helicopters, to get dramatic high, low and sweeping angles. Always increases production values, which reflect well on your brand.


A short, basic animation, used as a test to make sure everyone is happy with the direction it is going. So you know what you’re getting.


A video made of designs or drawings rather than real life footage. Could be hand-drawn or computer-generated, 2D, 2.5D or 3D. Great for explainers.

Audio levels

Audio levels refer to the volume of the audio. The levels can change depending on the video. These will duck to make room for dialogue.

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