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ConsCiencia Solutions & Technology


Consciencia Solutions and Technology is a Brazilian company, located in Sao Paulo, the country's economic center. Its vast experience is the result of over 20 years developing information technology solutions and services and the support to a portfolio of more than 500 national and multinational companies. Consciencia Solutions and Technology focuses on the development of business software solutions for management, so-called ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning and has a team dedicated specifically to the entertainment industry. The knowledge gained in this segment, considering the entire supply chain, from the distribution of films to the final viewing, allowed the company to occupy a prominent position in the market and adequate expertie in business consulting to assist its customers. Today,18% of Brazilian theaters rely on the company's products to manage their businesses, which comprise of 24% of the movie screens in operation in Brazil.


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463 Valdemar Ferreira Ave. - Butanta
Sao Paulo


+5511 38539510


Bruno Mezzena


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