Universal Hilton, January 15 – 17th, 2018

Monday, January 15th, 2018

7:00 PM – Welcome Cocktail Reception & Dinner (Ballroom C)

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

 8:30 AM – Breakfast (Foyer A & B)

9:00 AM – Welcome – Mike Archer, President, ICTA

9:15 AM – Keynote address – Speaker: Miguel Mier, COO Cinepolis

9:45 AM – Think Like a Hacker
Speaker: James Pope, partner @ Pope.tech – IT Director @ Metropolitan Theatres

10:30 AM – Direct View Cinema Displays: Let’s Talk Solutions, Not Panels
Moderator: Frank Tees, Vice Pres. Technical Sales & Support Moving Image Technologies
Special Remarks: Peter Lude, CTO, Mission Rock Digital
Panelists:   Barry Ferrell – QSC
John Batliner– Harman
Charles Robinson – Dolby
Chris Buchanan/Bill Mandell – Samsung
Gary Mandle – Sony Electronics

11:30 AM – Coffee Break

11:45 AM – Checking in with Exhibition
Moderator: Joe DeMeo, Director Sales, Digital Cinema, Barco
Speakers:   Mark Louis, Alamo Drafthouse
Mark Collins, Marcus Theatres
Kirk Griffin, Harkins Theatres
Jon Kidder, National Amusements

12:30 AM – Amplifiers Are NOT All the Same
Speaker: John Allen, President, High Performance Stereo

1:00 PM – Lunch (Ballroom C)

2:00 PM – 2018 Annual ICTA Convention – NAPA Marriott
Speaker: Dan Jamele, CEO MediaMation

2:10 PM – MediaMation Event
Speaker: Joe DeMeo, Director Sales, Digital Cinema, Barco

2:15 PM – Not Just Popcorn & Soda Pop – Meeting the Design and
Construction Challenges of Food and Beverage Services in The Cinema of 2018
Moderator: Mark Elliott, CEO, EOMAC
Speakers:   Derek Galloway, Martek
Mike Cummings, TK Architecture
Bruce Proctor, Proctor Companies
Bob McCall, JKRP Architects

3:00 PM – Interview with Andrew Cripps, President of 20th Century Fox International Distribution

3:30 PM – “Ask the Audience”
Presented by: National CineMedia
Speaker: Stacie Tursi, Senior Vice President, NCM

4:00 PM – Coffee Break

4:15 PM – Panel of Students on Likes and Dislikes of Today’s Cinema
Moderator: John Wolski, Consultant

4:45 PM – Manufacturers Presentations

  • QSC, Mark Mayfield
  • Adaptive Technologies, Olivier Frans
  • Jack Roe, Alan Roe
  • GDC, Tony Adamson
  • NEC, Jeff Kaplan
  • Barco, Joe DeMeo
  • Harman, Chuck Goodsell/Daniel Saenz
  • CinemaNext, Till Cussman

5:00 PM – Wrap-Up – Day 1
Mike Archer

5:15 PM – Dinner Reception (Ballroom C)

7:30 PM – “A Look at 70 mm”
Hosted by the Jess Daily, Motion Picture Projection Services, UCLA
UCLA James Bridges Theatre
Busses depart at 6:30 pm and return at 9:30 pm

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Moderator: Mark Mayfield, Director, Global Cinema Marketing, QSC Audio

8:15 AM – Breakfast (A & B Foyer)

9:30 AM – “One Frame at a Time: Preservation, Restoration, Reconstruction”
Speaker: Theo Gluck, director: Library restoration & Preservation, Disney Studios
Buses leave promptly at 9 am for the Universal AMC Theatre

11:00 AM – HDR in the Cinema
Presenter: Susie Beiersdorf, Vice President Sales, the Americas Christie Digital
Speakers:   Chris Witham, Walt Disney Studios
Mark Christiansen, Paramount Studios
Jerry Pierce, NATO Technology Advisor/ISDCF
Curtis Clark, ASC
Michael Zink, Warner Bros.

12:00 PM – Lunch (Ballroom C)

1:00 PM – Technology vs. Art in Today’s Cinema
Speaker: Harry Mathias, Professor at San Jose State University, Department of Film and Theatre

1:30 PM – Cinema Driving Technology or Technology Driving Cinema?
Speaker: Dan Cryan, Executive Director Media & Content, IHS Markit

2:00 PM – The Evolution & Impact of Event Cinema
Speaker: Ray Nutt, Fathom Events

2:30 PM – “Show me the money! Using your data to build your business.”
Presenter: Alan Roe, Jack Roe
Leon Newnham, Vista

3:00 PM – Manufacturer’s Presentations

  • Telescopic Seating, Fred Jacobs
  • Severtson Screens, Dan Maxwell
  • Alcons Audio, David Rahn
  • Christie Digital, Patrick Artiaga
  • BGW Systems, Dan Taylor
  • Cinergy, Jim Robb
  • Bay Area Cinema Products, Sam Chavez
  • Harkness Screens, Richard Mitchell
  • Qube Cinema, Mark Waterson
  • Reliable IT, Michael Cobin
  • Positive Cinema Solution, Mark Waldman

4:00 PM – Wrap-Up for Day 2
Mark Mayfield, Director, Global Cinema Marketing, QSC Audio

5:00 PM – E-Sports Demonstration and Reception,
Sponsored by MediaMation
Bus depart for TCL Chinese Theatre promptly at 5:00 pm from the Universal Hilton, reception at 6:30pm E-Sports Finals at 5:15pm. First bus returns at 7:30pm and screening begins of Stars Wars, The Last Jedi. Last bus back to hotel leaves at 10:15pm.