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It has been almost 50 years that we begun our activity as projector manufacturers for the movie industry. Our experience in all these years has made it necessary to expand the horizons of our company and to go further than simply manufacture projectors. We have also added new services, which makes everything work easier for our clients. This vocation which is oriented to client attention has permitted us to be the first company to obtain the Certificate of Quality ISO 9002. Presently, these are some of the activities which Proyecson deals in: Manufacturing and installation of 34mm movie projectors and accessories. Installation of entertainment projection systems for attraction parks, special theaters (projections of 3D-70mm, projections done on curtains of water, and DOME projections). To give expert advice, management and implementation of projects, including installations (ready for immediate use). Rental of projection system - sound and screen. Development of products and specific projects for special applications in the world of cinematographic exhibition.