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Transform any Theater into a Cinema

The New SēVision 3D GX Giant Electric Motorized Projection Cinema Screens are Ideal for Large Venues Where a Screen Needs to be Raised & Lowered, Such as in Commercial, University, and Play & Opera Houses with Large Stage Environments … Transforming any Auditorium into a Cinema.

Severtson Giant 2D / 3D Electric Screens Features

  • Made-to-order, fully-customizable screens in any size up to 27’4″ (8.33 m) wide.
  • Available in Matte White, Stellar White, and SeVision 3D GX
  • All material options are available in Non-Perf, Standard-Perf, and Micro-Perf.

Additional specifications include

  • coated surface that is harder to bruise and scuff
  • small micron flake coating produces a sharper image, eliminating graininess in bright scenes
  • viewing angles range from 30 to 40 degree half-gain depending on the specific screen gain requested
  • water-based coating promotes longevity by maintaining optical properties over time, eliminating flaking and cracking of the screen surface allowing the screen to remain perfect for frequent rolling up/down

Turn Any Auditorium into a 2D/3D Movie Theater

The perfect solution for multi-purpose auditoriums, such as in commercial, university, house of worship, and pro AV situations that require large commercial or cinema-sized screens, but not in a permanent static installation. These giant electric motorized projection screens are available in all offered gain levels as well as in non-perf, cinema (standard) perf, and microperf so the soundstage can be placed behind the screen similar to premier movie theatres.