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Adaptive Upgrades Manufacturing Plant

Adaptive Technologies Group is proud to announce its investment in over a million dollars of new manufacturing equipment and facility upgrades within the first quarter of this year.

“The rapidly expanding audio and video industry has put more pressure on us to be more efficient, produce faster and with closer tolerances”, states Paul Allen CEO of Adaptive. He went on to say that “thanks to strong growth since the recent recession and product diversification, we have been able to to invest significantly in our and our customer’s future growth”.

At the forefront of Adaptive’s capital investment is a powerful new state-of-the-art multi-function laser cutting machine that “boggles the mind when it comes to speed accuracy and flexibility” says Robert Verlingo, 8-year veteran plant manager at Adaptive, and the one who lobbied the most for this acquisition.

We feed in sheet metal non-stop using of reciprocating tables on one end of the machine and then switch to structural shapes, feeding them in from the other end. The machine will accept lengths up to 20 feet long. “Finished parts just drop into trays where they are carted off to the next step in the manufacturing process”, states Mr. Verlingo. “The precision is amazing, as is the speed in which it produces parts”.

Why does this matter? Adaptive products are produced even faster now, in closer tolerances and without the need for secondary operations such as deburring and grinding.

Contact our applications engineering department today at info@adapttechgroup.com to see how we can increase your design flexibility and reduce costs.