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Transform any Theater into a Cinema

The New SēVision 3D GX Giant Electric Motorized Projection Cinema Screens are Ideal for Large Venues Where a Screen Needs to be Raised & Lowered, Such as in Commercial, University, and Play & Opera Houses with Large Stage Environments … Transforming any Auditorium into a Cinema.

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Leadership News from Stadium Seating Enterprises, Inc.

I am pleased to announce a leadership transition at Stadium Seating Enterprises, Inc. (SSE). As of February 1, 2016, Taylor B. Moson, previously Vice President, has assumed the role of President and Principal Owner of SSE. Frank B. Moson

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The digital cinema revolution has already happened. Or has it?

The exhibition industry has changed immensely in the last 10 years, with over 92% of the world’s screens now digital.
But although hardware has moved from 35mm to digital almost everywhere, projection is just the tip of the iceberg and there is much more potential of digital still to realise.

Introducing Our New Ad Campaign

We know you don’t buy technology for the sake of it. You buy it because it helps you achieve what you want to more easily.

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Have you Discovered MicroPerf?

Many cinemas have already discovered MicroPerf – a unique projection screen technology exclusively from Severtson Screens offering stunning visual and acoustic performance. MicroPerf vs. Standard Perf Comparison STANDARD PERF 1.30 mm hole size Square spacing pattern 4.76% open area MICROPERF 0.55 mm hole size Non-square spacing pattern 7% open area Severtson Screens MicroPerf Features Nearly invisible […]

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