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2016 Annual Retreat in Vancouver

Tony Adamson of GDC received the Ioan Allen Award from the ICTA for exemplary service to the Association at the recent Annual Convention in Vancouver. Joe DeMeo and Alan Roe presented the award.


The annual Teddy Award went to QSC Audio Products for the second year in a row. Accepting the award are Mark Mayfield and Barry Ferrell. Looking on are (l-r) Alan Roe, Doug Sabin and Patty Boucher of American Cinema Equipment (last year’s Rodney Award winner) and Mayfield, Ferrell and Joe Demeo.


RodneyAwardThe annual Rodney Award went to American Cinema Equipment for the second year in a row. Accepting the award are Doug Sabin and Patty Boucher. Mark Mayfield and Barry Ferrell. Looking on are (l-r) Alan Roe, Mark Mayfield, Barry Ferrell and Joe Demeo.


TimShifTim Schafbuch of Dolby receives a token of ICTA’s appreciation for serving as a Director for the past three years as immediate Past President Joe DeMeo and VP Alan Roe look on.

The International Cinema Technology Association recently finished its Annual Convention in Vancouver. The four day program running from July 10-13, 2016 was one of the best attended in the past decade and has some important programming for the attendees. Kevin and Carol Eagle of Vancouver hosted the convention.

The group paid a visit to the all new Cineplex Marine Gateway Theatre; the majestic and ornate Orpheum Theatre and a visit to Sony Imageworks. Additionally, there were programs on “The Networked Cinema,” moderated by Mark Mayfield; a Worldwide Laser Projector Update by Barco’s Joe DeMeo; an update on NATO and interesting research from Pat Corcoran NATO’s VP and Chief Communications Officer; an interesting talk on “The Scene of the Canadian Motion Picture Industry” by the CEO of Landmark Cinemas, Neil Campbell and “Practical Considerations for Interoperable Immersive Sound and other Technologies in PLF” by Brian Claypool of Barco.

Additionally, the organization had its Annual Board and Membership meeting. Reports were made by Treasurer Frank Tees; Attorney David Wilson; and reports on Intersociety and the website. A lengthy discussion ensued on the Los Angeles Seminar Series with some suggested topics including:
• The Motion Picture Market in China
• Hard numbers on reclining seats
• Impact of digital signage on concession sales
• Technology updates: Lasers and Immersive Audio
• The Networked Cinema
• Data Analytics
• Alcohol in Movie Theaters
• Post-Mortem on” Billy Lynn Halftime Walk” release
• Manufacturer’s presentations

Ray Callahan offered to lead, create and maintain an ICTA education program for technical/engineering topics in support of technicians in the industry. The idea is to do this initially online and to develop course material. Ray will outline this concept and prepare a budget in the next 30 days.

The convention concluded at the President’s Banquet with the following awards being presented:
• Ioan Allen Award — Tony Adamson of Barco
• Teddy Award – QSC Audio Products
• Rodney Award – American Cinema Equipment

Congratulations to the Award Winners! And of course The Traveling Cinema Thugs provided the music and entertainment. Thanks to Joe Demeo, Mark Mayfield, Biran Claypool, Guillermo Younger Jr., Ernie Estrada and Wendy Nazaroff.